The Identity Of Your Brand: Graphic Design Logos

The Identity Of Your Brand: Graphic Design Logos

Marketing is a rather vast concept when it comes to businesses. There are some essentials that every company has to follow without any compromises. One of these essentials is the branding of the company, branding is so important that their whole product line follows that branding. One important aspect of branding is the brand’s logo. Logos are the most important feature of any company’s brand, when we think about a big international brand that is everywhere, the first thing that pops up in our mind is the image of the company’s logo. This logo is what the company is recognized with and having a good logo can make all the difference. That is why having a professional design studio in Geelong is very important in this day and age where branding is such an important aspect of a business. 

Company’s Identity 

A company is always recognized by their logo, if you see the logo of a company you can instantly recognize what company has made the product. It is very visual in the fact that these logos are used on every product of the company that it launches. Whether it is an application for the phone, whether it is a food product of the company or it is the service they provide, you can instantly identify the company from the logo. It is in fact a company’s identity, if you see McDonald’s logo anywhere it would be hard for you to not recognize it because it has undeniably become the company’s identity. So to get your company’s identity into everyone’s memory, your logo needs to be simple yet catchy, otherwise you will lose your identity in the world of famous logos. A professional graphic design logo will be etched in everyone’s memory and your brand will become famous. For more information about graphic design logos in Geelong you can click here.


Usually a company has branding themed on the logo, as the logo is the centrepiece of the whole branding aspect. All of the products the company launches, therefore, are themed around the company’s name and its graphic design logo. All of its products are packaged in a way that it boosts the company’s name and its logo in every manner possible. That is why a logo also gives the theme for the company’s services as well. If some company had a logo with a confusing theme than what the business is about, it would not only mismatch with the theme, it would totally ruin the branding itself. 

Professional vs. Amateur Graphic Design Logo 

The work of an amateur and a professional is worlds apart, even if the logo designed by the professional is very simple and does not have a lot of elements to it. He first pictures the brand and the product of the company in mind, he then utilizes the company’s name and tries to find a logo that would match it. That is what separates the work of a professional and an amateur, that is why always prefer a professional for graphic design logo of your company.